Masca Village

Masca is Tenerife’s most beautiful village set in a superb mountaineous location.

Masca is a village set in the Teno Mountains. Its location is stunning and because it is quite difficult to get to on a road full of tight hairpin bends it has been relatively undiscovered until recent years. Indeed there wasn’t a road at all before 1991 and led to Masca being known as the ‘forgotten village’.

Masca is considered the most beautiful village on Tenerife and the houses seem to cling on to the edge of the rocky mountainside where it’s built. In addition to the deep ravines and dramatic views the nearby vegetation is rich and enhances the beauty of the location. Within the centre of the village there is also a bar and a tiny church. The church is very small there’s only room inside for eight people! (Ensure that you cover your legs when you enter the church.)

If you’re fit and feeling energetic there exists a walk from Masca towards Bay of Masca on the coast. The walk passes through stunning scenery and bizarre rock formations. The return trip takes 6 hours.

For those who came by coach you’ll be able to do just the downhill walk towards the coast (still a challenging walk though) after which you can get a boat to Los Gigantes where your coach will pick you up. The cliffs of Los Gigantes (the cliffs of the giants) are spectacular sheer rock cliffs 500-800m high and definitely worth seeing.

If you’re a nervous driver it’s worthwhile getting a coach because the roads are hair-raising. The bends are incredibly tight that only small coaches are able to do the trip.

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