Top 5 reasons to visit Tenerife on your next vacation

You can do many things in Tenerife other than spending time on the beach. There are world-class hotels, restaurants, natural beauty, and more. Tenerife has it all! Here are the top reasons you must visit Tenerife.

Various choices of accommodation

You will find all kinds of hotels here, from luxury hotels to budget hotels. There are specialized hotels such as adult-only hotel or children friendly hotel. If you are looking for something private, you can book the luxury villas.

Natural beauty

Nature is beautiful here. There is the volcanic landscape of the south and the lush, fertile north. You can view the Mount Teide from your hotel rooms. There are treks to take you all the way to the summit as well. The beaches here are world-famous.

Family-friendly environment

There are many things to do both for the adults and for the children. You will find huge water parks and theme parks. There are excellent kid’s clubs at most hotels. Some hotels also provide indoor babysitting service, so that you can spend some romantic time with your partner.

Great to visit in all seasons

The weather of Tenerife is warm year round. The temperatures are comfortable so that you can visit any time of the year. With the Atlantic breeze coming, the place will never get too hot.

Excellent place for the golfers

Tenerife’s lovely landscape makes it a golfer’s heaven. You can come here for a luxurious golfing holiday. Many resorts arrange golf training opportunities or provide access to golf clubs.

Tenerife is a favorite holiday destination for many celebrities in the world for its lovely beaches and hotels. You will love the place too!

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How Tenerife Has Managed To Protect Its Natural Resources


Tenerife is a unique destination that attracts millions of visitors each year. Tourists visit Tenerife for that beaches, the golf courses as well as to take pleasure in the nature. This is one of the largest volcanic islands in the world and you will find more endemic species when compared to England and Germany. Tenerife is an element of Macronesia, which contains the four richest bio diversities on this planet. It is a perfect destination for nature and animal lovers.

Tenerife is safe as it is this kind of unique island. The Teide National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site having its volcanoes and rivers of petrified lava. This is one of the popular areas in the island and the park welcomes more traffic than any touristic landmark in Spain. You can access the volcano through taking a cable car nevertheless the very the surface of the volcano is closed to website visitors to prevent erosion and preserve the volcanic heights. The only way to access this region is to get a written permission prior to your trip.

The Institute for Sustainable Energy (ITER) has been doing a great deal to help preserve the island’s natural resources. One of many goals on this organization would be to decrease the impact of touristic activities in the island. The institute was made in 1990 and contains worked tough to promote alternative energy and sustainability everywhere in the Canary Islands. ITER built a village where all of the villas are self-sufficient and bioclimatic. The village can be found close to the coast in Granadilla and is also truly an original experience if you are considering self-catering housing and sustainability.

There are significant efforts made to accommodate tourists and locals while recycling resources and preserving the environment everywhere around the island. Tenerife is home to several endemic species that are not found anywhere else on the planet. These species include the eyeless cockroach that lives inside of lava tubes as well as the bottlenose dolphins that could be seen close to the southern shores of the island. There are several conservation projects to safeguard species that reside around the island and near its shores much like the pods of pilot whales.

Birdlife is utterly amazing. It is possible to find out rare birds like the Osprey or perhaps the Great Spotted Woodpecker. You will notice approximately 200 different species in between the birds that reside in the island and the ones that stop in the community whilst they migrate between Europe and Africa.

The Atlantic Whale Foundation (AWF) has done much to transform the whale-watching industry in Tenerife. It is possible to have upclose with the whales that reside from the shores in the island due to the many whale-watching tours offered.

The Tenerife Island Government, Ocean Dreams Factory and PADI Project Aware have formed a partnership to produce a micro-reserve from the bay of El Puertito. The area used to be heavily populated with sea urchins, which kept other types of life away from the bay. The bay continues to be cleared and is now a micro-reserve for a lot of species. You are able to schedule a ‘flyover’ dive to observe sealife and discover your family of green turtles living in the bay.

Tenerife is surely an amazing island having a unique ecosystem. These natural resources are what made the area this kind of popular touristic spot and should be preserved. Plenty of was already completed to preserve wildlife and nature and more projects are arriving at fruition to aid protect the area. Responsible tourism is really what has allowed millions to go to the area with out a poor influence on these natural resources.

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Masca Village

Masca is Tenerife’s most beautiful village set in a superb mountaineous location.

Masca is a village set in the Teno Mountains. Its location is stunning and because it is quite difficult to get to on a road full of tight hairpin bends it has been relatively undiscovered until recent years. Indeed there wasn’t a road at all before 1991 and led to Masca being known as the ‘forgotten village’.

Masca is considered the most beautiful village on Tenerife and the houses seem to cling on to the edge of the rocky mountainside where it’s built. In addition to the deep ravines and dramatic views the nearby vegetation is rich and enhances the beauty of the location. Within the centre of the village there is also a bar and a tiny church. The church is very small there’s only room inside for eight people! (Ensure that you cover your legs when you enter the church.)

If you’re fit and feeling energetic there exists a walk from Masca towards Bay of Masca on the coast. The walk passes through stunning scenery and bizarre rock formations. The return trip takes 6 hours.

For those who came by coach you’ll be able to do just the downhill walk towards the coast (still a challenging walk though) after which you can get a boat to Los Gigantes where your coach will pick you up. The cliffs of Los Gigantes (the cliffs of the giants) are spectacular sheer rock cliffs 500-800m high and definitely worth seeing.

If you’re a nervous driver it’s worthwhile getting a coach because the roads are hair-raising. The bends are incredibly tight that only small coaches are able to do the trip.

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